Monday, December 12, 2011

Blogger Problems

Parents, Guardians, and Students:

For some reason, blogger is keeping me from updating the page, so I wanted to get a message out through the post.

GRADES will be coming home on Monday, December 12th. Students have until Friday to get their grades up for the second period report card.

BOOK REPORTS are due this week, and will be presented during different portions of our day.

I will try to update more later on, but these are the two messages that I wanted to get out as fast as possible.

Thank you! Sorry for the blogger malfunctions.

Monday, December 5, 2011

A Sweet Essay

By Amber Harrison

Do you enjoy candy? I enjoy candy very much!
One of my favorite candies is gum. All types of flavors are amazing, but one of the flavors makes my mouth explode like fireworks. That kind is mint! The other flavor I like are called mint, chewy, bubblegum, cotton candy, and apple. That is one of my favorite candies.
Chocolate is also one of my favorite candies. I like chocolate ice cream. There is a lot of chocolate in the world I like. I drink hot chocolate in the winter. It makes me warm. I drink chocolate mile in the summer. That is another of my favorite candies.

Skittles are the last of my favorite candies. All of the flavors are tasty, but only two are great. Those flavors are called grape and orange. Grape has no taste and orange is sour. Those are my last favorite candies.
Even though I love many types of candy, these three make my mouth water.

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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Pegasus : Chapter 3 and 4

(By Kellie Stanton)

I hardly slept last night. "I wonder if there is a new world outside of Pegasus Village," Amy pondered? "Well then," I said, "Lets find out!" I flew into the beautiful, blue sky. It was amazing. "Wait up, Pegasus," Amy whinnied! "Keep up you slug," I joked.
Amy caught up. We had to stop because Amy almost passed out. We rested for a while, then it was back to the air. We got to the end of the valley. "A-a-after you," I said in a shaky voice. Amy thought for a while. "Not in a million years, Pegasus," Amy said!
"Fine! I'll do it." I slowly walked toward the forest. Then I saw a bobcat. I froze! I couldn't move a muscle.
"Don't move! It senses fear," warned Amy. "Thanks for the tip, Captain Obvious," I murmured.
The bobcat pounced. Amy and I flew as fast as our wings could carry us. "That was scary," said Amy.
"Totally! Lets never go in that forest again! Okay?"

It took us a while, but we finally got to a place called New York. When we landed, someone yelled, "Ahhhhhhhhh! Flying horse!" People tried to catch us. We were so scared that we flew away. Then, we saw a little young boy, crying by the Mercy Pier. "What's wrong," I asked? When he turned, he jumped higher than a kangaroo and fell in the water. "Y-you must be a hologram," he said in an alert voice scanning the boat. "What's a hologram," asked Amy? THe boy touched our faces...he fell into the water again! Amy held up a leaf showing a "10". I giggled, "Tee Hee!"
The boy said in a freaked out voice, "YOU'RE REAL!"
"I guess," I said.
"But, but that's impossible," he said!
"What's your name," Amy asked, trying to change the subject.
"My name is Jacob."
"I'm Amy!"
"Call me Pegasus!"
"Is that a mark on your head," asked Jacob? Amy looked at the mark. She hesitated back and flew away. "That's a bad luck mark!" Those were the last words I heard from my best friend. "Amy, come back!" It was getting late and I can't see in the dark. "Can I sleep at your house," I asked Jacob? "Alright, but my sister will go crazy if she sees you, so we have to hide you," said Jacob.
He hid me under the dock. There was green, slimy, gross seaweed. I cleared some of it out so I could rest, but I could not stop thinking about Amy. Was she hurt?
Then something bumped. Was it a grasshopper? Was it a fly? Neither! It was a fairy. "Oh, hello. My name is Chris."
"I'm Pegasus." Then it dawned on me. "He Chris, where is your mom? I have a question.
"I'm right here. What is your question," asked his mom. "Can you get rid of my bad luck symbol?" "Yes," she replied. "3...2...1." Poof, my symbol was gone. I was so happy. Now I could go home. I thanked Jacob for letting me stay and I flew home. When Amy saw that the mark was gone, she and I played all day. And that is the end of my story.

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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

American Poet, Adelaide Crapsey, invented Cinquain poetry. She was inspired to write these poems after reading Haiku poems, previously discussed in our blog. Cinquain poems are usually five lines, with 1 word in the first line, 2 words in the second line, 3 words in the third line, 4 words in the fourth line, and 1 word in the fifth lines. Which of the following follow the Cinquain pattern?


runs alot
not much exercising
fits in your hand
(Abby Hamilton)


frozen water
break many bones
dangerous but fun times
(Alonzo (AJ) Sawyer)

beautiful, colorful
colorful pretty leaves
many colorful leaves fall
(Daelyn Nez)

short, nice
smart, skinny, righty
Navajo, light, brown, clean
(Katelyn Kayonnie)

slow, stupid
has big shell
doesn't have big brains
(Kellie Stanton)

Drip Drop
Tapping on roofs
Getting us soaking wet
(Cassie Yazzie)


love you
great for advice
buy things for you
(Ty Thomas)

loud, brown
annoying, awesome, fun
basketball player, fast, athletic
(Dylan Nez)

Zombies, Devils
Candy Corn, Reeses
Snickers, Butterfingers and More
(Emily Knight)

slimy, gross
freaky, weird, crazy
flying, crawling, walking, running
(Gavino Martinez)

Monday, October 17, 2011

Limerick Poetry

Limerick poetry derives from England as early as the late 18th century. These poems are identified through their rhyming patterns and humorous topic. The last word in the 1st, 2nd, and 5th lines all rhyme, while the last word in the 3rd and 4th line rhyme. Which of the following tickles your funny bone?

There once was a man called Mr. Keard
With such a big beard
It was so bushy
Th Navajo would call him Twushy
Mr. Keard thought they were weird
(Brianna Richards)

There once was a kid named Rose
He had no nose
He couldn't smell
Like a snail and like a bell
and he could have a pig pose
(Darwin Barton)

There once was a dog
Who looked like a hog
He had a long tongue like a lizzard
It looked and smelled like an oreo blizzard
that made people follow that dog
(Mystaree Hangen)

There once was a teacher with a beard
Kids thought that it was weird
He was very funny
That he ate many bunnies
And that is weird
(Daelyn Nez)

There once was a teacher who would make us write
If we didn't, he said he would bite
He had a beard that was long
It reached all the way to King Kong
And he is also right
(Cassie Yazzie)

There once was a turtle
His name was Hurtle
He ran around his house with a cape
made of tape
When the girls came by, with them he would flurtle
(Brianna Richards)

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Haiku Poetry

What is a Haiku poem? Coming from the Japanese, Haiku poetry is a patterned poem using syllables to express feeling and emotion. Most, if not all, of these poems are written about a nature topic. The first line has 5 syllables, followed by 7 syllables in the second line, and ending with 5 syllables in the third line. The following are some of the poems your students wrote. Check to see if they follow the pattern!

Spring is colorful
Flowers bloom and sprout in spring
Spring is far away
(Spring - Abby Hamilton)

I hate the summer
It makes you sweat and it's hot
But I LOVE to swim
(Summer - Katelyn Kayonnie)

Snakes live in countries
Snakes are afraid of owls
Snakes are poisonous
(Snakes - Amber Harrison)

Autumn is so brisk
I like to jump in leaves
And drink hot cocoa
(Autumn - Kellie Stanton)

I love the fall time
When colorful old leaves fall
The breezy weather
(Fall - Daelyn Nez)

Nice hot chocolate
Go outside again and play
in the nice white snow
(Winter - Tynen Thomas)

A cold seasons here
Building snowmen with your friends
its a good season
(The Winter - Cassie Yazzie)

White-tailed Deer call
Their children in the forest
Then go to their cave
(White-Tailed Deer - Emily Knight)

I love small puppies
I have a puppy called Bear
He bites you a lot
(Puppies - Dylan Nez)

Grass is super green
Grass is as green as lettuce
But do not eat it
(Grass - Alonzo Sawyer)

Mother Nature is in charge
She loves to make it rain days
She loves nature
(Mother Nature - Kevin Scheuerman)

Thee bees come after
Flowers come very pretty
My allergies come
(Spring - Mystaree Hangen)

Monday, September 19, 2011

Pegasus : Chapter 1 and 2

(By Kellie Stanton)

Chapter 1 : Friend Around the Corner

Hi! My name is Pegasus, Peg for short. My breed is s a golden mane. That's a very rare horse. Lets get to the part when I was born.

When I was born, I had a very special symbol on my forehead, almost like a human, (which stands for bad luck). My parents were so worried, they took me away from Horse Valley. Then they moved to a place called Pegasus Valley. As I grew, things got difficult. Colts started calling me names. One Pegasus got tired of it and scared them away.

"Hi! My name is Amy".

"I'm Pegasus".

Chapter 2: Plays All Day

Amy and I play every day. We play in the forest. I like looking for mountain lions. Sometimes Amy gets scared and flies away. Another is running through the valley. Amy always wins at that. I'm not as good as her, but I'm getting better, every day when I practice. My most favorite activity is flying! I love flying! I always beat Amy at flying races. She practices every day, but she can't keep up!


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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Welcome to Our Blog!

Welcome parents, students, and friends. This classroom blog will be our attempt to share what is happening in our class with you and the world. Student work samples, poems, art, and projects will be showing up at this site throughout the year. You will also be able to find weekly announcements, upcoming assignments, spelling lists, and other important information from our class. We can't wait to share everything that we have and will do in class.

Keep a look out for a permission slip allowing your student to use their work and/or image on this site. We can't wait to begin our online, global journey!

Mr. Eldon Ferguson