Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Haiku Poetry

What is a Haiku poem? Coming from the Japanese, Haiku poetry is a patterned poem using syllables to express feeling and emotion. Most, if not all, of these poems are written about a nature topic. The first line has 5 syllables, followed by 7 syllables in the second line, and ending with 5 syllables in the third line. The following are some of the poems your students wrote. Check to see if they follow the pattern!

Spring is colorful
Flowers bloom and sprout in spring
Spring is far away
(Spring - Abby Hamilton)

I hate the summer
It makes you sweat and it's hot
But I LOVE to swim
(Summer - Katelyn Kayonnie)

Snakes live in countries
Snakes are afraid of owls
Snakes are poisonous
(Snakes - Amber Harrison)

Autumn is so brisk
I like to jump in leaves
And drink hot cocoa
(Autumn - Kellie Stanton)

I love the fall time
When colorful old leaves fall
The breezy weather
(Fall - Daelyn Nez)

Nice hot chocolate
Go outside again and play
in the nice white snow
(Winter - Tynen Thomas)

A cold seasons here
Building snowmen with your friends
its a good season
(The Winter - Cassie Yazzie)

White-tailed Deer call
Their children in the forest
Then go to their cave
(White-Tailed Deer - Emily Knight)

I love small puppies
I have a puppy called Bear
He bites you a lot
(Puppies - Dylan Nez)

Grass is super green
Grass is as green as lettuce
But do not eat it
(Grass - Alonzo Sawyer)

Mother Nature is in charge
She loves to make it rain days
She loves nature
(Mother Nature - Kevin Scheuerman)

Thee bees come after
Flowers come very pretty
My allergies come
(Spring - Mystaree Hangen)

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