Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Pegasus : Chapter 3 and 4

(By Kellie Stanton)

I hardly slept last night. "I wonder if there is a new world outside of Pegasus Village," Amy pondered? "Well then," I said, "Lets find out!" I flew into the beautiful, blue sky. It was amazing. "Wait up, Pegasus," Amy whinnied! "Keep up you slug," I joked.
Amy caught up. We had to stop because Amy almost passed out. We rested for a while, then it was back to the air. We got to the end of the valley. "A-a-after you," I said in a shaky voice. Amy thought for a while. "Not in a million years, Pegasus," Amy said!
"Fine! I'll do it." I slowly walked toward the forest. Then I saw a bobcat. I froze! I couldn't move a muscle.
"Don't move! It senses fear," warned Amy. "Thanks for the tip, Captain Obvious," I murmured.
The bobcat pounced. Amy and I flew as fast as our wings could carry us. "That was scary," said Amy.
"Totally! Lets never go in that forest again! Okay?"

It took us a while, but we finally got to a place called New York. When we landed, someone yelled, "Ahhhhhhhhh! Flying horse!" People tried to catch us. We were so scared that we flew away. Then, we saw a little young boy, crying by the Mercy Pier. "What's wrong," I asked? When he turned, he jumped higher than a kangaroo and fell in the water. "Y-you must be a hologram," he said in an alert voice scanning the boat. "What's a hologram," asked Amy? THe boy touched our faces...he fell into the water again! Amy held up a leaf showing a "10". I giggled, "Tee Hee!"
The boy said in a freaked out voice, "YOU'RE REAL!"
"I guess," I said.
"But, but that's impossible," he said!
"What's your name," Amy asked, trying to change the subject.
"My name is Jacob."
"I'm Amy!"
"Call me Pegasus!"
"Is that a mark on your head," asked Jacob? Amy looked at the mark. She hesitated back and flew away. "That's a bad luck mark!" Those were the last words I heard from my best friend. "Amy, come back!" It was getting late and I can't see in the dark. "Can I sleep at your house," I asked Jacob? "Alright, but my sister will go crazy if she sees you, so we have to hide you," said Jacob.
He hid me under the dock. There was green, slimy, gross seaweed. I cleared some of it out so I could rest, but I could not stop thinking about Amy. Was she hurt?
Then something bumped. Was it a grasshopper? Was it a fly? Neither! It was a fairy. "Oh, hello. My name is Chris."
"I'm Pegasus." Then it dawned on me. "He Chris, where is your mom? I have a question.
"I'm right here. What is your question," asked his mom. "Can you get rid of my bad luck symbol?" "Yes," she replied. "3...2...1." Poof, my symbol was gone. I was so happy. Now I could go home. I thanked Jacob for letting me stay and I flew home. When Amy saw that the mark was gone, she and I played all day. And that is the end of my story.

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