Monday, February 6, 2012

Santa (by Daelyn Nez)

On a snowy Christmas Eve, I was sleeping and dreaming about Christmas and when we would eat the delicious turkey. In my dream I was about to put the turkey in my mouth, but suddenly my dream was interrupted by a loud bellowing, "Oh!" I jumped to see what was the matter. I grabbed my 261 tazer. I dashed, like a mouse downstairs, I stopped and peaked into the living room. There, in the chimney, were two black, shiny boots. I screamed as loud as I could. I scrambled to the shiny black boots and tazed the boots. The boots burned black and I heard a dead, dark scream. Then an enormous man, dressed in red, dropped from the chimney.

It was Santa! He grabbed his sack, pulled out a burned present, and dropped it under the tree. Santa opened the coke my sister left him and drank the coke. In ten seconds, it was gone. Santa said, in a bellow, "Merry Christmas." After whose words, he went back up in the chimney and vanished in the deep, snowy night.

(Image borrowed from,1143809550,3/stock-vector-santa-stuck-in-a-chimney-1146507.jpg)

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